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Re: Conversin from ECC808

12/24/2000 4:31 AM
Re: Conversin from ECC808
Vlad, It's me again.  
If I remember right, someone told me that the ECC808 was in the ECC83 family, not so the ECC88.  
So, being the ECC808 (Telefunken I guess) a very similar to an ECC83 tube, and very high quality low noise low microphonic tube... Why change them?  
And there are four of them... One for each input.  
Look for the tube datas Edgar recommended, but I think it would be too much work, maybe not for better.  
I've been thinking on this these days, and maybe with two sockets between the actual socket and the tube, you "could" make an adaptor.  
The real problem is that even being very similar tubes, they have completely different pinouts, and more, different heater voltages.  
Just my opinion, anyway.  

Edgar Hi Guys.There's no ... -- 12/24/2000 11:03 AM