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Re: Solid state rectifier in a DR and a SR and 6L6/6V6

12/11/2000 1:20 AM
TremoRe: Solid state rectifier in a DR and a SR and 6L6/6V6
Wow, 444 volts and 30 mA? that's pushing things pretty hot. I'd back that current down to 25 mA or so.  
It's not the voltage that kills the 6V6s, it's the power dissipation. Those Sovtek 6V6s have pretty lightweight screen grids. I've already seen an EH melt, they're not a huge improvement over the old design. If you do want to run 6V6s at those voltage and power levels, you will want to run NOS since they are far more rugged and have a substantially more robust screen grid. After all, Jim Kelly used Philips 6V6s in his amps.

OJ Hi Tremo!Wouldn`t it still ... -- 12/11/2000 1:32 PM