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Re: Attention B.Williamson, Marshall mod.

10/2/2000 10:49 AM
Mark Abbott
Re: Attention B.Williamson, Marshall mod.
He actually adds the 470K resistor to the circuit (pre amp volume pot), regarding wiring layout; he uses a lot of co-ax cable, at the inputs of the amp, at the preamp volume control, and at the master volume control.  
Regarding a cap across the 820ohm resistor, he uses whatever is in the modded amps circuit.  
In the video he adds an extra tube to the amp, but as he uses one triode in the new tube and one triode in valve 1, I don't see the installation of a new tube as necessary. I think he did it to make the mod easier for cretins such as myself. I'd rather do extra work in wiring to the preamp valve sockets rather than drilling an unnecessary hole, there is nothing special about layout, it's all common sense.  
All questions wellcome.  
Yours Sincerely  
Mark Abbott.

MKB This sounds like a Lee Jackson mod,... -- 10/2/2000 4:41 PM