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The psychology of parts voodoo

9/27/2000 8:45 PM
Jim S.
The psychology of parts voodoo
Ah's that old "the magic is in the parts" voodoo/mojo thing again.  
Here's what I think is happening psychologically: Most clients, obviously, know little or nothing about how electronic circuits work. But most of them have heard of resistors and capacitors and quite a few even know what these look like and realize they come in many different varieties. (Guitar Player magazine has contributed somewhat to "musician parts awareness syndrome" because, beginning several years ago, their equipment reviews usually describe parts types, workmanship, etc. and oftentimes even show photos of the test amp's innards.)  
When you or I look inside an amp chassis, we see the parts, but also, we immediately and instinctively see the relationships and connections between those parts that make up the amp's circuit. When a non-technical person looks inside a chassis, ALL they see is the parts. The less you understand about the importance of circuit design, circuit layout, interaction of tubes, transformers, speakers, etc., the easier it is to buy into the hype about how certain types of parts (usually OLD parts) have magic in them, are irreplaceable, and are responsible for vintage amp tone.  
Taking an amp in for repair or having an amp custom made to order can be stressful. The client is paying big bucks for an expert to apply detailed technical know-how that seems arcane and mysterious. There's a lack-of-control element here. The client may have trouble giving his or her complete trust to the tech, especially if he/she has been burned before. So it's only human for the client to latch onto the one area they think they know something about, which is PARTS!

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