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Re: Another SFDR Question!!!!!

9/17/2000 2:59 PM
Re: Another SFDR Question!!!!!
How about just pulling the 12ax7 in v1. More gain and earlier breakup. I personally would welcome the head room and use the FD2 to get the overdrive tones. I have 2 DR's and one has way more headroom than the other. I like them both and play the dirtier one more because I usually mike them. However if I was playing to a small room and wanted to play straight out the cleaner one would be the one to use. I also use an FD2 with my set up. I find that its 50/50 as to reviews from people on which amp sounds the best. To me one sounds a little more country and the other a little more rock n roll. I have totally matched the components of the 2 amps and still have a different sound.