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Re: Power Transformer discussion

2/23/2001 7:47 PM
Ray Ivers
Re: Power Transformer discussion
Other than repair-related items, I agree that output transformers receive somewhat more 'press' here and at other sites than PT's. However, I do see a lot of talk about dropping plate and/or screen voltages, filament current considerations when subbing tube types, bias supplies, B+ supplies, etc., which I kind of read as the same thing. And ask any of the amp builders (people who build amps to sell) here, and I bet they'll tell you the PT is anything but an afterthought - more like a cornerstone.  
"The proper voltages for tube type and circuit design is critical to good tone."  
I agree with this - voltage as an important ingredient in the 'tone soup' (that's how I read it, anyway). But what is good tone?  
"I think it would really help new and intermediate builders to see how voltage effects tone and what specs they want for a particular type of amp. Also it would help builders see how current rating effects voltages & tone."  
I guess I don't see how such a chart would help builders 'see' how voltage affects tone, because so many other things affect it as well. I think the only way that's going to happen is to try out the different voltages yourself - because Ken Fischer's or Leo Fender's idea of good tone may not be exactly the same as (or even close to) yours. But I truly would like to see a complete chart for the Marshall 1959 amp - I would guess it would have more than half-a-dozen entries depending on the exact manufacturing date of the amp.  
Didn't mean to flame or rag, just my .02.  
Ray Ivers

Dave B. No offense taken.>>>I g... -- 2/23/2001 8:27 PM