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Re: Guytron

2/23/2001 7:40 AM
Steve Snider
Re: Guytron
We had no beef that I am aware of. I think you make a great amp and would love another one, a 6L6 version perhaps. Yes my amp was an early version and I know very well (Two Rock),  
how an amp can evolve. I love the Emerald Pro but have plenty of room for others ! I heard nothing but good stuff re: the EC shootout 2 Fuchs.  
I think the tone game is so subjective. I am the same as you and probably others that hear things differently from day to day. One day this sounds better, the next, seems like a different beast.  
My own opinion is probably most opposite to the majority here. I really prefer lots of high gain on tap if needed, a combination of preamp and output distortion. I used to be a pedal freak with the huge pedal board and now I am not, at least for distortion. I like great amp distortion. I have yet to find an amp that does everything, that is why I love having a few. I never will expect to find something that produces every sound I want but the Emerald pro is the closest I have come for my tastes. For me though I will keep playing and trying as much gear as possible because it's entertainment for me. I have three or four amps that I will be trying in the next few months as well as revisiting some others. Fun Stuff!!!!!!! I wish I hadn't listened to that clip on the Skydstrup amp. Grin!!  

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