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Re: HELP!!!!

2/22/2001 2:12 AM
Re: HELP!!!!
It is a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Clone. but i had to add the extra fillament tranny becuase i was told that the taps out of the hammond PT were not enough for 2 5U4 tubes... so i have the PT taps on one tube... and the filliment tranny taps on the other tube. I Plug into a speaker... and i get nothing. I have power at all my points that i shoul d have power. on the rectifier tubes, pins 2, and 8, the voltage meter shows a LOT of voltage... like 600 v or so... is that normal?? the PT i'm using is the Hammond 273BX. Oh yeah... and the schematic i'm using... minuse the second fillament tranny... is at  
please help... thank you

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