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Re: Deizel Amps any feedback? pros&cons

2/21/2001 6:28 AM
Steve Snider
Re: Deizel Amps any feedback? pros&cons
I have one and love it! It is the stereo VH4S and is a sonic treat for the multi channel "do it all" amp seeker. The clean tones are awesome and since none of the eqs influence the other channels you can dial in four completely different tones with different levels of gain. The amp has amazing girth to it and the high gain tones are devastating. I have really had fun tweaking the tubes with 9 AX7s there are lots of possibilities. I put some NOS7581s in and it sounds killer. The amp loves to be loud and becomes more natural and creamy at higher levels but I am getting great bedroom tones with a pair of V30 loaded Bogner 2X12s and a TC 2290 in the parallel loop and a TC stereo reverb in the channel 1&2 channel inserts. All midi controlled from a DMC ground control. The clean tones are great and the crunch and lead channels kill. Fun amp. The tube changes can really change the distortion and it can be what ever you want. I am running some mullards, Tungsols and a Chinese and some phillips.  

Steve Snider Cons!! Heavy, and cosmetically stra... -- 2/21/2001 6:44 AM