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svetlana 34's--anyone number them besides GT?

2/20/2001 7:29 PM
svetlana 34's--anyone number them besides GT?
is there anyone who sells numbered svetlana el34's the way GT does? [yes, i DO understand the process of numbering and what it means] i want to buy some, but i want a pair that will have the kind of clean headroom that my GT tesla #7's had. i had a pair of #3 teslas too, and they distorted way too early. i want to avoid that senario, but w/o numbered tubes it will be a crap shoot. and i only want svetlanas, so it's not necassary to mention other brands. and as for GT, i simply don't buy from them anymore for obvious reasons to many of you.  

jburt triode electronics has them for rat... -- 2/20/2001 8:06 PM