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previous: kg touchless control mounted on guitar? -- 2/13/2001 9:31 PM View Thread

Re: touchless control mounted on guitar? ZVEX

2/14/2001 2:50 AM
Re: touchless control mounted on guitar? ZVEX
Done already.  
ZVEX is selling guitars like this. For some reason I can't find the web page. Here's an excerpt from my board:  
"i was asked by the company that makes guitars for Vox if i would make an on-board effect, and i came up with a probe-controlled wah, which they liked. the control antenna is hidden under the pickguard.  
for some reason Vox has reduced production of their reissue guitars to a trickle. the wah i made for them sat quietly for a year and a half without seeing any production or being showed at the NAMM convention, so i was going to release it as an aftermarket kit, but i changed my mind after i asked the OEM if they'd make guitars for me and they said sure, they'd love to. so now i guess i'm in the guitar business. there's 5 of them in the back seat of my car right now, and i start shipping the next week. the wah is the pretty-sounding twin-t filter from the seek-wah pedal, and the probe controller is the same circuit as the fuzz probe and trem probe. it's kinda funky. instant shaft. i'll probably be adding more effects too. you turn it on by tapping the push-push volume control. the guitar is called The Drip (guess which old Vox model it looks like). it's got my name silkscreened all over it. i never thought i'd be a "guitar maker", but i guess things happen that you d!  
on't expect. anyway, if this fails, at least i'll have a bunch of fun-colored guitars sitting around the apartment. yay. hey, these things make great doorstops. kidding. they're too slippery. maybe if i jam the headstock in by the hinge...  

Dave R -- 2/14/2001 3:29 AM