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Re: Perhaps I stated it incorrectly...

2/4/2001 3:17 PM
Dave Charneski
Re: Perhaps I stated it incorrectly...
Remember though that I boosted the Strat to  
levels above the standard humbucker level.  
Yes, I know the frequency distribution is  
different on singles, but on every other amp  
I have ever played, clean boosting a Strat  
resulted in breakup levels similar to humbuckers,  
but obviously with a single coil tone. Not only  
that, but I communicated with folks who claimed  
their Strats behaved like the Chapin MP3s.  
In fact, some of them said it was the only  
style guitar/pickup that allowed them to get  
*any* clean tone at all. So, based on all  
the input I received, I was actually a little  
concerned that I wouldn't have *enough* clean  
Oh well, descriptions of tone are pretty  
subjective. It always comes down to hearing  
and deciding for yourself. Thanks for the