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Re: Humble schmumble

1/28/2001 2:39 PM
Re: Humble schmumble
I put Steves cool mod in my 69 super reverb and my 77 vibrolux reverb. Both amps are a main stay in my arsenal for playing out. I still have the basic super and vibro sound on the vibrato side but the normal side is killer with the mod. Steve got me to try that mod 2 years back and I don't regret it one bit. The sound is really tight with a great midrange. Actually its perfect for playing out because it really doesn't come into its own till the volume is on at least 5 on up. From there it is really lively and smooth. I agree with Steves analogy on the jazz/country kind of sound but it still has that rock/blues edge to it. I believe with that mod you can really play all styles and have a great sound. Because of the weight, my vibro is the one I use the most. I am constantly getting all kinds of compliments on the tone of that amp. I love it when some of the other amp techs say "how did you get that piece of crap pull boost to sound so good?" I recommend the mod highly. If you don't want all of those switchs and variations to the circuit just put in what you want. I put in a 3 way switch and added reverb so I can have 2 variations of the cool mod and the straight up fender sound with the flip of a switch. I must admit that I pretty much leave it in one position though cause that is my tone. Good luck.  

Joe Movich M/J,What mod did you put yo... -- 1/28/2001 5:33 PM