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Re: 3 tubes Parallel SE???

1/26/2001 8:05 AM
RichRe: 3 tubes Parallel SE???
Sounds like pretty esoteric design. I'd guess it's a matter of technical curiosity?  
If I had $25K to spend on an audio system, I'd have to go with an excellent playback device, some Rane preamp and parametric EQ electronics, six or so top-notch, solid-state power amps (i.e. the Alesis Matica 500 & Matica 900 amps, etc.), Drew Daniel's "Ultimate Speaker Design", and of course investment in room design/construction...vs. a euphonic, beyond-botique style amplifier (which I think I would be forced to convince myself sounds really great).  
If you're talking about a guitar amp for $25K, then what about all the great guitar tone on recordings that's been done with far less $$?  
On a more serious note, RFI contol in an amp would be a function(s) of its basic proper layout, grounding conventions, shielding, and a low-pass circuit on the input. Most wideband amps incorporate such an input filter.  
Drew Daniel's system:'s_clues.htm  
Some RFI issues & design approaches/solutions:

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