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Re: Throw away your solder iron....CyberTwin

1/22/2001 4:28 AM
Re: Throw away your solder iron....CyberTwin
Hey, JM-have you heard this amp in person or played through one? *If* you have, and it sounds like shit to you, THEN perhaps I won't take offense to your audiologist remark. I, too, was sneering until I heard it, and was more impressed when I played through it. It's dynamic and fun. I spent more time checking them out today, along with several great musicians and we agreed that this is a VERY good sounding tool and will solve a lot problems for working/recording musicians.  
Hey, Joe-it sounds GOOD, and is easy to tweak on the fly. I hesitate to say it totally nails every amp, but the Fender and Vox sounds are really quite excellent. I'm not sure I'm getting one, but it is tempting...

Joe hey, what do they retail for in the... -- 1/22/2001 10:54 AM