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Re: Throw away your solder iron....CyberTwin

1/19/2001 7:29 PM
Frank DeSalvo
Re: Throw away your solder iron....CyberTwin
I don't care what Herr Fliegler has to cay about that amp. It's digital, therefore, it's crap. Reconfigures my ass. The most it can do is reroute the signal from one part of the amp to another. It's imopossible to recreate all the subtleties and nuances that each particular amp had based on the tube congiguration and individual components such as capacitors and resistors of a certain value/constitution. Damned insulting...  
I bet Ol' Leo's turning in his grave...or maybe he's turning in his jar-ever see that cartoon 'Futurama'?

JM From what I've read about Leo Fende... -- 1/19/2001 8:20 PM
Jack A. Zucker The only reason Leo would be turnin... -- 1/21/2001 10:02 PM