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Dan Torres

1/4/2001 9:02 PM
Frank DeSalvo
Dan Torres
Hey guys,  
As a tube 'Newbie" this has got to be the funniest crap I've seen in the longest time. I like Torres' website as I think it's somewhat useful for parts and such. Honestly, I was going to buy his "Tweed Deluxe" kit until I happened upon this page. I've since decided to get my parts from Hoffman and Clark. Not in anyone's defense, but, I will say that his shipping is prompt and he's quite willing to talk to you on the phone. I find his shameless self-promoting to be quite comical. You know what I mean-"..Worlds best kits", and ..."World famous Dan Torres Cad drawings.." and such. I almost crapped my pants at the comment of one AMPAGER who aded the caption "all thats missing is a little bathroom caulk" to that rat's nest of a chassis pic. Mwahahahaaa!

Patrick Smith "I've since decided to get my parts... -- 1/4/2001 10:13 PM