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5E3 Deluxe

1/4/2001 7:51 PM
Frank DeSalvo
5E3 Deluxe
Hi guys, my name is Frank. I am a 4th semester electronics student here in New Orleans and I've decided to start up a simple tube amp project from scratch. I'm going with the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe circuit based on its' simplicity and ability to break-up at moderate volume. I've just about gotten all of the parts together and have decided to include a choke inductor instead of the 5K resistor in the power section. My question is when wiring the choke in, do I simply remove the resistor and wire the choke in? since the resistor isn't polarity sensitive, will it matter which wire of the choke goes to which side?  
I'm sure I've exposed my lack of knowledge enough for one session and I'd appreciate any responses as I'm so eager to get this rolling.  
Greetings from New Orleans,  

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