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I think I know what's wrong with my

11/30/2000 3:18 AM
Paul Frischmann
I think I know what's wrong with my
I've been posting about a problem I've had with my  
5F6-A clone. I appreciate all the help but I  
believe I've found the problem.  
For no reason my amp would get louder and then quieter. I've traced the problem to the Bias Pot.  
From what I can see the bias pot is a super small  
plastic thing attached to a resistor and wedged  
between two electrolytic caps 10uf@150vDC.  
When I tap it, I can watch the MA on pin 8 change  
dramatically (with my DMM). What I mean is, I can  
tap on the pot and it will stick in a quieter mode, I lose all my bass and the static wattage dissipation drops about 5 watts per tube.  
How do I fix it?  
Paul Frischmann

Chris B My suggestion is to replace the bia... -- 11/30/2000 3:59 PM