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Re: I can see now why UPS destroys everything they touch

11/28/2000 3:36 PM
Re: I can see now why UPS destroys everything they touch
You would think that when UPS and Fed-EX at that matter would not be so conspicous with the handeling of your gear while your watching them load it up for shipping. NO ! NO ! I see these guys take our units and chunk them from one end of the truck to the other like it was a rag doll right in front of me, so you can imagine how they handle the gear when it gets to the loading dock when nobody is around. The sad part is they are not intellegent enough to even realize that their doing anything wrong ! Not a clue and have you ever had to track a unit ? It sometimes goes to ten to fifteen different places before it gets to the owner and that means loaded and unloaded double. I am getting to the point when I can tell RA problems from shipping problems and from what you just wrote makes it more ledgible. KB