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Re: Tesla, JJ, Teslovak - who is EI ?

11/4/2000 3:07 PM
Re: Tesla, JJ, Teslovak - who is EI ?
EI is, or was, made i Yuogoslavia, not Slovakia as Tesla/JJ. I don't think they have any connection!  
Some info says that the EI factory was bombed during the Nato-bombings last year. I don't know for sure. Anyway there's quite a chaos in that country, but it seems as it's going to be better with a new regime, so maybe the EI is coming back.  
Randall! (Thanks for the comments!)  
Slovakia is NOT in a war zone! Tjeckoslovakia was piecefully splitted into Tjeckia and Slovakia, I think in the beginning of the 90's.  
Have you looked at the Eurotubes' site? Maybe you can get a good price from him?  
He doesn't have any JJ caps on his site, but maybe he has them anyway, or can get them?  

Randall Aiken Oops! My aplogies to all the Slova... -- 11/4/2000 7:15 PM