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Re: Any one tested JJ tubes?

11/3/2000 8:54 PM
Re: Any one tested JJ tubes?
Thanks for comments! If any one else have some more to fill in here, please do!  
If you want some more information about JJ Electronic, have a look at their website and the American EUROTUBES' site  
It seems as they have quite good prices for the US market?  
Notice that JJ have a tube called ECC832/12DW7, wich also should be similar to 7247, used in some Dynaco, Eico and other Hifi amps, mostly as a driver-/cathodyne PI-stage.  
I haven't seen them in a guitar amp, but it might be an option for those who wants to lower the gain in a preamp stage?  
The tube is one half ECC83/12AX7 and one half ECC82/12AU7.  
If any one in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia are looking for JJ tubes and/or caps, please send me a mail! (Address at the top.)  
(I might start selling them here!)