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Re: Any one tested JJ tubes?

11/3/2000 12:07 AM
Re: Any one tested JJ tubes?
I've used JJ/Tesla Ecc83, and Tesla EL34.  
On the EL34 I could only read TESLA on them, I don't know for sure if they were JJ or just Tesla.  
I think there is some confusion about which is which with this/these brands of tubes, because apparently they are made in three different places / factories...  
Something like Fender does with their guitars.  
I could tell you that both types were fantastic tubes, but I won't. Better give them a try.  
I wouldn't say that about 12Axx's Sovtek types if you accept my opinion.  

Carl Z Ok, let's see if I can sort of stra... -- 11/3/2000 12:20 AM