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Any one tested JJ tubes?

11/2/2000 11:12 PM
Any one tested JJ tubes?
Hi every one!  
Is there any of you who have tested the tubes from JJ? (Former Tesla.) Comments please?  
Same question about their caps?  

Randall Aiken The JJ/Tesla EL84 and 12AX7 are gre... -- 11/3/2000 12:03 AM
JC Edgar,I've used JJ/Tesla Ec... -- 11/3/2000 12:07 AM
SG I recently got a set of JJ 6L6GC. H... -- 11/3/2000 3:39 AM
EDGAR Thanks for comments! If any one els... -- 11/3/2000 8:54 PM
Peter S EDGAR, Tesla, JJ, Teslovak, wh... -- 11/4/2000 4:25 AM