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Re: Cap can

1/13/2001 6:11 PM
Ted Pimm
Re: Cap can
If you have no power whatsoever, you probably have a blown fuse or an open primary on the power transformer. None of the tubes heat up so they are not getting power. Its unlikely that ALL the tubes are dead, its probably more likely that ALL are OK. You have problems in your PT or filament supply which is a 6.3VAC winding on the secondary of your power-transformer. Your power transformer may be cooked.  
The 85W is not the output power, it is the total power consumption of the amp. If you want to test the transformers, you either need to try to get the amp running, or you need to disconnect all the transformer wires and make sure that none of the windings are open.  
You could use what you have in terms of tubes. You have one dual-triode to work with before using the second 6SN7 for a phase inverter. The output transformer is probably capable of about 10W and likely has a primary impedence of around 8-10k.It will probably run 6V6's if you like but you would be pushing its capability.  
It doesnt have a circuit diagram? - as I said a lot of Stromberg Carlson products do. Check out the Duncan site for circuit references for 6SN7's. Theres an Ampeg reverborocket using 3 6SN7's, but one is for the reverb send and recovery. Spend some time trying to understand the circuit.  
Good luck.  

Frank DeSalvo guts-n-stuff -- 1/13/2001 9:28 PM