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Re: Cap can

1/13/2001 4:07 PM
Frank DeSalvo
Re: Cap can
I have read and am very familiar with the safety issues at hand, I've just never built/tested an amp before. I am only into my 3rd quarter in this eet program, but I am great at soldering. Troubleshooting is another thing. It's hard to know where to start. None of the tubes are firing up, but they are originals so maybe they are burned up. The power cord is in ok shape, but I'll replace it. I don't know how to look for B+ at the rectifier plate as I'm not familiar with what pin does what. I'm just wondering if I should buy the same tubes that came with her or use different ones because I haven't heard a guitar amp using 6F6's and 6SN7's. Hell, there's a plate on the back that says 85watts -60cycles, but I don't know if thats her true output. I need to know if the xformers are good-they look great, but who knows...I'm tempted just to rip everything out and start over, but since I don't know what kind of circuit those tubes and trannies are good for, I'm dead in the water. It's hard for a beginner. Remember how that was? Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated!  

Ted Pimm If you have no power whatsoever, yo... -- 1/13/2001 6:11 PM