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Re: Cap can

1/13/2001 3:37 PM
Ted Pimm
Re: Cap can
No you dont do that. Those are individual filters to separate B+ to the plates of the separate tube stages. S-C amps often had a circuit diagram included on the chassis cover plate. Spend some time to study it and you'll see what I'm talking about. You can replace each of these sections with new individual electrolytic filter caps or buy a new cap-can to replace (at about twice the cost).  
Have you read the tube amp FAQ and safety info?  
You should replace the filter caps before going too much further if its not powering up. Do all the tubes heat up when you turn it on? Be sure to connect a speaker of the correct impedence to the output or you'll kill the OT or power tubes in a big hurry as well. Do you have B+ at the rectifier plates?

Frank DeSalvo I have read and am very familiar wi... -- 1/13/2001 4:07 PM