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Re: Transformer Impedance

11/22/2000 10:01 AM
Dave H.
Re: Transformer Impedance
"I was hoping that someone who has already made a 4 6V6 amp might be able to tell me if I'm trying something really stupid or if it makes sense."
It looks OK to me. My 4 6V6 amp has a 4k OT but Fender used 6k in the DR so 3k in a 4 6V6 amp should be fine. With 3k impedance and the voltage of your PT Iād make it fixed bias. The 275-0275 PT voltage rating will be at full load. If you measured it unloaded it could easily measure 290-0-290 especially if you mains voltage was a bit high.  

Gary J Thanks Dave, Sound's like what I wa... -- 11/25/2000 5:34 AM