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previous: Pete Be careful of the roof lining foam.... -- 2/8/2001 11:59 PM View Thread

Re: Goo Gone and Foam Replacement

2/9/2001 12:55 AM
Dave Fox
Re: Goo Gone and Foam Replacement
To Peter:  
I think the packing material you described is the best stuff you could ever use. I think it's closely related to styrofoam. If I'm correct, that stuff will outlast the human race. I think you get a couple million years out of styrofoam! Better to used it in a stomp box than litter the world with it!  
Goo-gone rules! Smells like oranges. It smells so good, it's a shame you can't drink it. During my time with ProMix, a major pro audio rental company, we used it to clean just about everything. It's great for cleaning off your dirty guitar and mic cables. If you've ever seen those comercials for "Orange glow", it's the same stuff.  

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