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Bal.In/Better ReAmp?

2/8/2001 5:01 AM
Jon BlackstoneBal.In/Better ReAmp?
I have made a battery-powered floor effect for vocals with balanced I/O (-40dB). It's crossed my mind to develop it into a product, but it's way back-burner.  
But your post raises a subject that I've been investigating recently: There seems to be one product on the market for interfacing balanced line signals with guitar amp/effects - the "ReAmp". I took a look at the patent, and my sense is that it does not do the job adequately for my purposes. (It appears to be just a run-of-the-mill low to high transformer with some attenuation on the primary.) I want a box whose output has the inductance and impedance curve of a guitar pickup. After fooling around with a number of transformers, I've come to suspect that the task would be best accomplished by making a transformer from a couple of actual guitar pickups. I haven't gotten around to doing this yet. Anyone have any thoughts/experiences?