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green ringer mods

2/1/2001 11:23 AM
Hemmo P.
green ringer mods
check out some mods to green ringer  
Gus Smalley, you«ve been talking about that gain mod, so I«ve placed it in here so it will not be left in forum-archives. AND if someone has a clue what that 22K resistor that is switched between 2 places actually does(bias, mix, etc..)please tell me, I just thought that what if I.. you know, and it sounded great!:) So far for the mods, there«s stuff to be wrung from resistor values etc.., but I left it here now  
Hemmo P.

JD Sleep All I get is a little angelfire log... -- 2/1/2001 12:03 PM
Jake Hemmo,Those mods lo... -- 2/2/2001 3:02 AM
Krusty It sounds good, Thanks Hemmo! -- 2/2/2001 5:02 AM