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headphone amp

1/29/2001 7:09 PM
loaucheadphone amp
A little offtopic but I know a few of you who might have an answer:  
I wish to build a headphone amp for several headphones, each one with variable volume but not for pluggin a guitar, actually for sending cue tracks to recording musicians. I've seen these in operation an in magazine ads, but what I would need? I guess I must match the output impedance of the headphones output of my recording desk with some kind of buffering, then I would split it in as many outputs as I wish, each one with its own adjustable gain and finally, getting the output with the Z headphones like to see (I don't know how much it is)...  
Is a similar project out there?  
Can somebody give me aprox. values for these impedances?  
Thank you,  

aron Check this site out: http:... -- 1/29/2001 7:45 PM