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Envelope detection and filters

1/29/2001 7:00 PM
loaucEnvelope detection and filters
Lately I've been thinking about puting a switch in the EH-DrQ (or DrQuack, 'cause it's a very good mod)so I could change the direction of the filter, just like the mutron does. For what I recall, in the envelope detection part of the mutron circuit you use a dpdt switch for adding a resistor to the inverting input and a voltage divider to the inv input of the opamp that drives the led.  
How could achive this in the DrQ/DrQuack circuit?  
Anybody tried modding this way?  

Mark Hammer The circuitry you refer to in the M... -- 1/30/2001 4:55 AM
dave kind of off topic, but does anyone ... -- 1/31/2001 11:01 PM