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Wah Probes

1/26/2001 8:55 PM
Wah Probes
I've noticed most ZVex pedals sound great on my bass. I have a Machine, and the Seek Wah is fantastic, but (and I have looked high and low for a bass wah I liked) the Wah Probe is distinctly subtle and hardly noticable on the bass.  
We checked the pedal out, made sure it was playing well, and then checked it with a guitar-- funky, bright, and sharp. Tried another bass, and more of the same hardly noticable wah.  
I know these things aren't made for bass, but is there a trimpot to search for, or should I give up on the Wah Probe?

zachary vex yes, it's not tuned for bass at all... -- 1/26/2001 9:28 PM