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Re: Music Man parts on the doubleneck?

1/23/2001 4:12 PM
Re: Music Man parts on the doubleneck?
Hi Bernd, My MM is a 97, one pickup. Factory lefty, black, RW fingerboard, I took off the goofy 'banjo' pickguard.  
I hear what you're saying about the sound being related to the body/neck wood and mass. Even though my doubleneck isn't ash, it does have a huge mass to reinforce the vibration back into the string similar to the Stingray.  
Here is my silly guess about the pecentage of importance -elements that contribute to the MM magic:  
-neck mass and solid construction 18%  
-body wood and mass- 7%  
-large neck to body bolt area 8%  
-pickup 28%  
-preamp 24%  
-bridge 7%  
-precision construction 4%  
-combination and mojo 4% -  
So , according to my calculation, my bass portion of my doubleneck will have at least 85% of the goodness of a MM stingray.  
Remember, it's a silly guess. Other silly speculation welcome!  
By the way, I find the quality of Music Man basses and guitars to be incredible, dollar for dollar way above comparable Fenders and G&Ls

Bernd Joe, as I mentioned before I don't ... -- 1/23/2001 5:51 PM