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Re: hey JD.........

1/20/2001 8:08 PM
Re: hey JD.........
I built the version that JD Sleep gave the link to above.  
I think it sounds great, and to my memory sounds as good as the 70s version I used to own. I gave the one I built to a friend who plays in surf and rockabilly bands through a Victoria twin deluxe. He loves it for a nice slightly mid boosted kick for solos. This is a guy who has owned all the TS9s, Fulltone FD2 Tech 21 comptortion, and so many others, he now likes his little boost better than all the others.  
There is another version that lists a 2N5088 trans, 360K emitter to ground resistor, .15 in and out caps,830K resistor in the power supply to base, and 100K from base to GD.  
I think they all could be good.

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