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Re: socketing caps

1/20/2001 7:58 PM
Re: socketing caps
Transistor sockets are available at electronic supply houses, but you can save some money by using larger IC sockets,[28 pin for example]and just cut off a 3 hole section with a little hobby saw.  
Aron and Zach Vex also talk about a type that you just snap the size you need off of a bigger piece.  
I also use portions of plug in connectors from old clock radios, etc. The part they use when there are two different circuit boards, to connect one to the other. They have nice wire leads still attached. Sometimes I use these to socket the caps, off the main board in an accessible spot. I use a little crazy glue to hold them down in a handy spot[back of a pot for example].

DHuggins I ordered a snap-off variety from t... -- 1/21/2001 4:13 AM