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Re: opinion on 1/8 watt resistors & Steve D suggestion

1/18/2001 12:02 AM
Re: opinion on 1/8 watt resistors & Steve D suggestion
I know jaycar ( sells a good resistor starter kit for about $10 aust ($5 US). They have about 5 of each value up to about 2M2 I think. Then there's also another one (which is about $40 I think), which includes a little tray of all values which about 5 of each. For the ones I use a lot I normally just buy them in bulk and save a few dollars (like the 1M,s 10K's, 1K's etc)  
But look around, most electronics stores have resistor kits. I normally stay away from the cap kits as they usally don't have the values that are needed, or not enough. Sometimes they're okay for stocking up, but generally I just buy them in bulk as well