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Hendrix Lick

1/17/2001 3:52 AM
jeff musser
Hendrix Lick
I have asked a couple people about this, but as of yet haven't got an answer. Since our main objective here is the search for a specific sound, I'll ask about this one. I have a CD called "Jimi Hendrix The Early Years" This is the one where a blind drunk Jim Morisson get on stage with Jimi and they can't pry him off the mic. Anyway there is a tune called Peoples Peoples aka Bleeding Heart. There is a great initial break and some sort of real bad harmonica, then, the magic happens. Jimi does some sort of up the neck double stop bend that shrieks like a woman being tortured. It's not a scream, it's a shriek like some one slamming on their brakes, only higher pitched. I have not been able to even come close to duplicating this! If you haven't heard this, I'm sure it's on Napster. It may not even be an effect. It may just be the amp cranked into the stratosphere or so an expression pedal of some. I'm too new to know. I have to know how to do this! You understand, right?

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