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Drill Bits

1/17/2001 1:29 AM
loaucDrill Bits
Doing holes can get nasty if your last 1/32 bit breaks apart. I wish I could find one bit that fits snuggly in the chuck of my drill and short enough just to get pass the board and not bend a lot. Is there a supplier that sells this kind of drill bits? And what size you use most? I think 1/32 is good for all-around work in pcb boards but it's rather hard to find.  
(lots of posting today eh?) :)

Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics) I sell a fair number of #59 and #60... -- 1/17/2001 2:56 AM
paul perry (Frostwave P/L) You can get smaller chucks that are... -- 1/17/2001 10:36 AM
JD Sleep I use a dremel tool with a dremel p... -- 1/17/2001 11:02 AM
Jake There are also small diameter bits ... -- 1/17/2001 11:50 AM