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1/16/2001 3:55 PM
Here is a story for all of you EJ people.  
In 1979 I had a friend who had moved from Austin to Santa Fe. He knew I was in a band, so he told me about his favorite Austin band, the Electromagnets. In fact, he WOULD NOT SHUT UP about the freakin electromagnets. So I finally asked him to loan me the record so I could see what all the fuss was about [you know, records, dark vinyl discs, you spin them with a needle on them, they make a sound...].  
Well, what I heard convinced me. The guitar playing was some of the most fluid, high energy fusionesque shredding I had ever heard. The record had been made in 73 or 74, and I could not believe this kid [EJ was under 20 when it was made] could sound like a cross between Mcglaughlin , Cream era Clapton , and himself all at the same time. I actually liked his playing on this record better than the EJ solo records.  
I still see the Electromagnets record for sale at the guitar shows. Anybody have it?  
Guess what? My Austin friend came to one of our gigs recently, and he started talking about................THE ELECTROMAGNETS!!!!!