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Re: All of you Aronheads are affecting my tone

1/15/2001 1:53 PM
Doug H
Re: All of you Aronheads are affecting my tone
"Funny, people think of AC DC tone as being raunchy, but if you listen close, it is pretty clean."
I started noticing Angus' tone when I was playing with power-tube distortion. His tone is really a prime example of really good power-tube distortion. There's a lot of clarity and definition, plenty of highs and lows. There's really not that much distortion, it's a very soft clip. But the thing that makes it cool to me is the ringing, rolling sustain- sounds like it's echoing off the top of a mountain. I have not been able to find that tone without driving a power tube, it just doesn't happen in the preamp with a triode. (Makes you wonder why Matchless used a pentode preamp in their DC30???) It's a great tone I have really grown to love.  
Funny, I used to think about AC/DC like, "Yeah, they are cute little teenyboppers, liked 'em 20 yrs ago, but really... Let's move on shall we??";)  
Just shows you can learn anything just about anywhere.  

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