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All of you Aronheads are affecting my tone

1/14/2001 11:03 PM
All of you Aronheads are affecting my tone
All of this Larry Carlton /R Ford/Dumble Boogie/Trainwreck talk got me exploring a new avenue of tone this past weekend.  
Rather than fall back on my trusty fuzzes for so many solos [I get to take a lot of 'em], I used a much cleaner, very defined yet harmonically rich tone. I used the usual assorted clean boosts into the Kelleman Reverb 45 by Jomama Music. It is set up with Fane speakers [very cool, ask me about them], and 2 EL34s. The Jomama has the harmonic detail /chime that reminds me of the fatness with clarity that we hear on the R Ford records.  
even though it is based on a Vibrolux, it reminds me more of a Marshally Matchless, or a Dumbly Vox.  
Anyway it was interesting to see how my playing was affected by the added defintion. I couldn't hide behind the slop of blur [fuzzy lack of definition].Instead, glitches and missed notes jump out like a frog out of the bushes. But the upside is a really cool tone that rewarded the well executed riffs with full in-your-face clarity.  
Really nice tone.  
If not for this forum I wouldn't have been inspired to pursue this avenue. Thanks, EVERYBODY for your input.  
Don't get me wrong, I still clicked in the fuzz face, but only about 30% of the solos, rather than the usual 80% HA!  
My friend Joe's amps:  
Check out the reviews at harmony central, also.

Ed Guidry Joe, which pedal did you use? I lov... -- 1/15/2001 3:21 AM