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Re: invitation

1/14/2001 10:20 PM
JoeGaganRe: invitation
They have a color computer generated 8.5"x11" page graphic That says 'Zvex Effects' in big rainbowy letters, then below in smaller text it says  
"Give me enough knobs, I can rule the World"  
-Zachary Vex  
Is that something you send to your retailers or did they actually go to the trouble of making that ad up themselves?  
It is a cool music store, the owner is a gigging keyboard player, and he has helped us sponsor some benefits we did in Amarillo.  
Nice to see your stuff in the small towns. Hell, Albuquerque is probably four times bigger'n Amarillo, but we don't have any zvex efects except my Fuzz Factory. Blepp whee sheeewew.

zachary vex they made it themselves. the quote... -- 1/14/2001 10:45 PM