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Re: transistor ID?

1/14/2001 12:18 PM
Rob Strand
Re: transistor ID?
I don't have any info at my finger tips but I'm sure you could use them. Measure the gains, the RF transistors might be a little low for some of the effects circuits. Measure Vbe, Vcb using the diode test on your multimeter, silicon's will be around 0.6V and germaniums < 0.4V (could vary). Also, when you use them, just keep an ear open for noise (hiss), if it's too high try another.  
I used to use those ASxxx transistors from old equipment when I was a boy. They looked like BC548/558 with an aluminium cap over them.  
If I find more I'll let you know, maybe someone else has the data handy.  

JoeGagan Re: transistor ID/ ECG reference site -- 1/14/2001 3:34 PM