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Re: Points to ponder.. Regulars, please read.... (long)

12/22/2000 3:08 AM
Re: Points to ponder.. Regulars, please read.... (long)
I am now starting to look at it like this.  
When I was in grade school Older Adults and my father helped me to learn how to solder copper pipes, electronics. How to use power tools wire outlets use a tube tester work on a car fix a washing machine etc. I read every electronic book I could find in the library on electronics. I build some things that hurt me I once tried to build an arc light. I read all the Mims books pop electronics mags etc.  
I have helped a few teenagers in my town with music stuff Showed them how to solder build/repair their own amps fix their guitars etc. I was building a bass cabinet outside and they stopped by to watch and learn.  
Because I was helped I find I like to help people fix things. Aron's and Ampage are good sites. Alot of circuits are nothing new there was alot of circuit printed in Hep manuals, Pop Electronics AES mag etc. in the 60's and 70's.  
So every circuit is a clone copy of some sort if you look at it hard enought. Think of this saying I forget where I read or heard it  
"every artist is a thief"  
I will continue to post I expect some of the circuits will not be built. I note where some come from the others are somewhat original. I do spend time adjusting values and doing the math I also use the min amount of parts to do the job.  
When one looks at the boss petals etc. there is some good design put in the effects.  
Talk to someone thats runs a small company they often don't have the money to make it thur a design flop besides all the other problems  
Friends of mine that use alot of effects have Z Vex , lovetone, frostwave, EH, and things I built/modded for them. It seems like one has to want to learn how to use the effects noted others are happy with Boss stuff. I wonder how the small companys stay alive.  
My posts are not always clear but they can be dense its more stream of thought writing. If I don't think I should post something I won't.