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Re: flush pots (like blackstone)

11/13/2000 11:42 PM
Jon BlackstoneRe: flush pots (like blackstone)
The pots in the Blackstone 2Sv2 are not trim pots - trim pots would wear out too soon. They are 9mm pots like Mouser's 317-2090, with a hole drilled in the end of the shaft, into which a 5-40 screw has been epoxied. The upcoming 2Sv3 will not use the screws, but metal "knobs" that have a screw-like top (I'm having them custom made). I'm getting sick of hand-painting those tiny indicator dots on there!  
Regular 1" pots are often available with a screwdriver adjustment slot in the end of the shaft - sometimes with a shaft that does not extend past the bushing. This is what those hum balance adjustments on the bottom of a Fender chassis would be.

jeremy spake thanks a lot jon. i've been wonderi... -- 11/14/2000 1:12 AM