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Schematic & Look Ma, No diodes!

11/6/2000 1:10 PM
Doug H
Schematic & Look Ma, No diodes!
Here's the schematic for the LM308-based hi gain booster:  
As you can see, it's basically just the opamp portion of a Rat circuit. Note also that I left off the fixed LPF I had been using. It's just not needed at all with this opamp and circuit. Plenty of highs at low-moderate gain. In high gain it gets thick-just the combination I want.  
Just for grins, I threw a couple clipping diodes on the output to see how they affected the sound, first 1n914's and then LEDs. Overall my reaction was, 'Blechh! Why the heck would I wanna do that?' Although the LED's were a little better, they both thinned out the sound too much and obscured the personality of the LM308 when it was pushed into high gain. As expected, they limited the ability for this thing to push the amp as well. Didn't add a thing-took away a lot.  
Although I didn't try the Rat FET output stage, this reinforced my feeling that I'm on the right track. Just voice the tone and blast your amp. This is one of those cases where "less is more". Without the diodes the tone is much richer.  
Now I'm starting to understand why so many fall in love with their micro-amps and LPB1's...  

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