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Re: boxes of NOS germanium chips!!!

1/24/2001 8:44 PM
Re: boxes of NOS germanium chips!!!
Wow, I'm jealous!  
Old germaniuums have numbers like 2Sb33, 2sb172, 2SB175, etc. pretty much anything that starts with 2SB is a japanese Germanium [ge],some 2SA as well.  
NTE or ECG 101, 102, 158  
OC44,AC128,AC122,AC151 AC***[fillin the blank]  
there is a high rejection ratio of usable ge trannies  
they were 'leaky' [ie, voltage flowing back through from emmitter to collector], by nature, so testing is required to find usable ones. In a salvage situatoin, try to get them for 10 to 25 cents each.  
Over 15 cents is high for untested ges in bulk.  
If you find any of the above numbers , email me, we should talk.