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boxes of NOS germanium chips!!!

1/24/2001 7:39 PM
boxes of NOS germanium chips!!!
I have accesss to thousands of electronics parts from government surplus in storage as far back as the 30's. This includes NOS speakers, transformers, tubes- you name it.  
This storehouse includes hundreds of thousands of capacitors, resistors, cloth wiring spools anything you can think of.  
My friend a guitar player couldn't believe it when I gave him a handfull of Dakaware switch tips from the 50's for his telecaster.  
I understand that the germanium (sp?) chips are no longer made and are in demand for guitar effects. I'm sure I could find baskets of these things. However, I have no idea what they are, If you could give me a detailed description of the part, or a pic, or part numbers, or any information as to halp me locate them, I would gladly dig up as many as I can. I'll mail you one free to verify and test for you help.  
I'm a kid in a candy store that doesn't know what the candy is!

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